To the battalion of PFA, FYA and FYI, there should be a new addition – LOL.

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Hell and high water

The nutritionist at the gym has made me increase my water intake. After having lived in the desert for five years and survived 48 degree summers, Bangalore is a stark contrast. I hardly feel thirst here; which means, I drink lesser water than a…than a…lizard my size. Anyhow, starting today, I must drink 3.5L of water come what may and the condition is no drinking more than 0.25L at one go. While I have gotten used to remembering and drinking water at regular intervals,  what I haven’t got used to is the side effects. I take more pee breaks than the boys take smoking breaks. Sigh.

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Hope makes the world go around

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Next on the list

Sleight of hand and twist of fate, on a bed of nails he makes me wait…

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Silent screams

There’s nothing that breaks the human spirit like quiet desperation.

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It is indecent to share poetry, and yet…

It wasn’t words of love
that you saw in my eyes
but fleeting contentment
in sly disguise.
Enchanted by fragrance
by laughter sublime
your baritone laughter
at words that were mine..
you lost yourself in sweet reverie
But you forget, Adam, good times don’t last;
They cannot always be.

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