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Ah, Bombay

One day last winter, I found myself at Nariman Point around 2 am. Just being there for the first time brought me a little spark of happiness on a particularly sad day. It was the day a friend had hurt … Continue reading

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My reality check bounced

Little things upset me sometimes. A friend who can’t make it to my birthday. A date I couldn’t keep for paucity of time. A former best friend I try not to keep in touch with but end up calling once … Continue reading

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There’s magic in a Kolynos smile.

Have you ever had hamsters do the tango in your stomach when someone you were watching surreptiously, turned around and met your eyes? And they broke into a slow, crinkly eyed smile that left you wondering where all the oxygen … Continue reading

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Right to bare arms

Why is wearing sleeveless such a big deal in South India? The vamp always wears sleeveless. The other woman always wears sleeveless.┬áThe slut always wears sleeveless. And pointy bras, but that’s another story altogether.┬áThe heroine is always clad in blouses … Continue reading

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Make up your mind, woman! No, I don’t mean lipstick.

What’s with these ‘I’m happy to be a woman because…‘ forwards? On one hand you go around proclaiming you don’t need a guy to open your ketchup bottles and on the other, you are happy to be a woman because … Continue reading

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Absurdity, thy name is WTF Wednesdays

Cheating students or cheating spouses? FYI, the website does not load. Epic #FAIL. P.S. The option was between Morbid Mondays and WTF Wednesdays. The convenient alliteration and mid week crisis that plagues work weeks was argument enough in favour of … Continue reading

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Dear God, When I asked you to rock my world, this is not what I meant. Love, Up-at-4am-for-the-wrong-reasons

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