Why trash George?

Famous Five

Famous Five

I was leafing through an Enid Blyton at dinner today – ‘The Famous Five at Smuggler’s cave’. I was wondering what’s the entire deal about Blyton being sexist.

When you are a kid, it doesn’t matter to you whether Georgina was called George or her cousin played with dolls because she was a girl. On the contrary, the very fact that George was not called Georgina throughout the book and that there was a girl who climbed trees should matter. Why not look at Janet from Secret Seven instead? Or the Naughtiest girl at school series?

I grew up on Noddy, Famous Five, Malory Towers and all those Enid Blyton books. I didn’t see anything wrong with them when I was a kid and I still fail to see what’s so sexist about them now. Considering that Enid Blyton was born in 1867, the books, when they were written, were quite ahead of their times.

What pains me more is that the new editions of these books are being given a makeover to appeal to the kids today.

“mercy me!” have been changed to “oh no!”, “fellow” to “old man” and “it’s all very peculiar” to “it’s all very strange”.

To make it timeless?! My foot and three fourth. I’d like to see them tinker with Alice in Wonderland quoting the same reason.


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