Run, honey, run

Once in a while, I talk out loud to myself. Sometimes, when I’m alone at home, I do it in front of the mirror as though I’m talking to another person. I’m not sure if this is because

(1) I think a lot and the voices in my head need a day out.                                                                                        (2) I like to hear a comforting voice once in a while.    (3) I deal with so many bimbettes on an everyday basis that I’m starved for intelligent conversation.                    (4) I’ve read more spiritual literature than is normal at my age and I’m subconciously conversing with passer-by souls.                                                                                 (5) I might be a little kooky.

I can see my mom and all my exes rooting for (5).

Whatever it may be, I was having a nice little chat with myself the other evening after a run and a refreshing shower. I was slathering myself with the Bramhakamal body lotion I was gifted, as a special treat. I was discussing with myself ways to lose weight in a week for a wedding I was to attend. I suggested getting my outfit loosened a little bit. Mirror me suggested running everyday and a diet of lentils and roti.

As the fogged mirror cleared and the reflection became clearer, I was able to temporarily forget about my weighty concerns for there, staring back at me, was a face I hadn’t paid attention to in a while now.

The eyes were tired, black circles formed death pools underneath. I was unable to mask my emotions any longer. Now I’ll get so much grief from acquaintances at the wedding over losing sleep and pushing myself. Not that they know anything about my night-long sitcom marathons. They of course assume that I’m poring over books and staring into my laptop like the secret of afterlife was to be found in them.

Nightmare. My grand plans of waking up early in the morning and exercising comes crashing down. I have one more reason to sleep and sleep well at that.


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You don't know me, you can't judge me.
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One Response to Run, honey, run

  1. Falaxy says:

    in my case, it’s definitely number 1!

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