The good, the bad and the studly

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Good idea : Having a tequila shot.         Bad idea : Having a tequila shot followed by silk panties followed by a Large Grey Goose and chocolate ice-cream.

Good idea : Watching a salsa video through Proxy when YouTube is blocked Bad idea : Trying out the steps in the shower stall, wearing old slippers that tend to slip more than grip


Good idea : Waking up at 5am for a morning run.                                                                     Bad idea : Waking up at 5am.

Good idea : Watching an episode of HIMYM while having dinner.                                           Bad idea : Spending the entire night watching HIMYM episodes instead of studying for the exam scheduled for the morning.

Good idea : Chocolate chip cookies.                                                                                             Bad idea : Two days old Chocolate chip cookies.

Good idea : Taking slutty pictures on a girl’s night out.                                                           Bad idea : Keeping them.

Good idea : Drinking 6 bottles of water per day.                                                                       Bad idea : Drinking so much at one go and having to get up to pee.

Good idea : Keeping in touch with ex-es.                                                                                      Bad idea : Reply saying ex would like to meet you when you are in his city next.

Good idea : Trashy magazines.                                                                                                   Bad idea : Getting uppity about their trashy content.

Good idea : Watching CNN news.                                                                                                 Bad idea : Discussing the garish hairstyles of the presenters and not caring about the miners any more.

Good idea : Blogging about it.                                                                                                       Bad idea : Self-pity. Ah, poor me.


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