Whiners and losers

Deal with itPeople waste so much time just complaining about things they bring upon themselves. Like gossip, like drama, like abso-friggin-lutely retarded chronic whining, the misery of which could be sorted out quite simply if they would just shut up and do something about it.

Whining is the easiest thing to do. It doesn’t take guts, it doesn’t take energy. It’s thrilling to find somebody who would actually listen to you spitting your venom out. It’s the lazy bum’s solution; to blame everything under the sun on everyone.

I’m probably speaking from atop a moral high horse here. I’ve been guilty of whining of course and begrudging others for it probably make me a hypocrite. But it’s impossible to not get angry when the person could pull themselves out of their misery but they just don’t want to. If you are happy being miserable, I don’t grudge you, stay miserable for all I care. Just don’t whine. (I guess this blog post is self defeating that way. Ho-humm.)

When my nephew was hardly an armful and a few months old, he had these crying fits when he just wouldn’t stop till the blender was switched on.  True to familial traits, he was a fussy baby and just wouldn’t shut up. Of course, the neighbors didn’t appreciate the blender being used at odd hours of the night. So we recorded the sound of the blender and played it at a low volume whenever he unleashed his tears upon us and he would stop. Now if only I could put on a hairdryer or something and blow ’em whiners away.



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You don't know me, you can't judge me.
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