There’s magic in a Kolynos smile.

Have you ever had hamsters do the tango in your stomach when someone you were watching surreptiously, turned around and met your eyes? And they broke into a slow, crinkly eyed smile that left you wondering where all the oxygen in the air went?

Having been caught red handed, I smiled back. He smiled a wider smile, cuteness personified in those happy lines near his eyes. Instead of “Hi, wanna make fransheeps?” that was running through my head, fast forwarding to visions of round little babies with perfectly attractive gummy grins, I said “Kolynos?”.

Maybe I should have stuck to a more contemporary brand like Colgate or Pepsodent or that disgustingly sweet Close-up.  He didn’t get it. I don’t blame him. He smiled anyways. *Sigh*.


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You don't know me, you can't judge me.
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