The bus stop on the flyover

So, 9am peak traffic on Mysore Road. After two days of sick leave, I’m trying to get to office on time. I’m flying down the Mysore road flyover and one BTS bus, two BTS buses, three BTS buses come to a complete halt in front of me. A flustered me and a flurry of two wheelers flying parallel to me suddenly discover the brakes on our vehicles and come to a sudden stop. People in varied speeds of hurry disembark from the bus and cross the flyover to get to the branched out road on the other side that spirals down into the market area.

I can almost imagine a museum piece of a bald headed government official sitting at his BBMP office. He lifts his hand and a clears the cloud of dust between him and the blueprint of the new flyover. He makes a huge bus sign right on the middle of the flyover; he smirks and cackles ‘Planned Development? My ass!’

Whoever thought of having a bus stop in the middle of the Mysore Road *flyover* is a fucking genius. I wonder why he didn’t include a Zebra crossing and McDonalds ‘Drive-thru’ kiosk as well.


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