Two to tarot

Lately, I’ve been taking online tarot readings on this one site I was introduced to by a friend of mine. If nothing, I take it to tell myself that there is some meaning to this otherwise monotonous life that I lead. And I love tarot card art. The readings have been of highly personal nature and it’s not something that I would normally share with others. Today though, I got a card I have never gotten before.

“The slate will be wiped clean for a fresh start. There will be none of the old left, so a whole new approach needs to be established before true renewal can take place. Sometimes when we draw this card, major events seems to unfold around us that challenge our thinking and our direction in life.” reads the explanation to the card, aptly called “Death/ Rebirth”.

A lot of has happened around me in the short span of last few days. Situations and circumstances have built up in such a way that it looks like I might just get the one thing I want right now. I’m left with this funny, uncomfortable feeling in my stomach – that feeling when everything is going right and you think something is about to mess up just before what you desire happens. For someone as jinxed as me and for someone with whom God has always played ‘Catch’ – always taking the prize away just when I reach out to grab it, it could very well be that what I’m waiting for just does not happen and everything boils down to one big episode of KLPD.

Or if I’m lucky (pfft, yeah right…), I might just get the second chance I want and begin the New Year with a New beginning.

So, I was just told this evening – Acid test. 11:30 am, tomorrow. To be or not to be?



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