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Life Lesson #9452

Of the great many things I’ve learnt in the last two months, the knowledge of ‘How to identify a good chair’ is the one I shall cherish the most. I have tried out almost every chair in the office. Yes, … Continue reading

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I’m going away to join another circus

I’m done with my short stint with real law firm life. I’m going back to University to finally become a lawyer. What surprises me is that I am actually missing office more and looking forward to going back less. Hope … Continue reading

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No one killed Jessica.

We enter the movie hall with nachos in hand. We are going to watch this movie today and forget it by tomorrow. Just like million other movies before this one. We are going to comment on Rani’s voice, Vidya Balan’s … Continue reading

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Laws of attraction

Things I learnt from the movie :- 1.┬áSincere apology is a perfect manipulative tactic like forgiveness or generosity. 2. Don’t you give me the ‘My socks don’t match so I have an insight into everything analytical’ mindset. 3. If you … Continue reading

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Bacardi blast

It’s hardly been a few hours from the last post and I’m already feeling free. Yes, free is the word. No sleep. Bacardi song on full blast. I’m finding meaning in the Bacardi song lyrics. Something is certainly wrong with … Continue reading

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And nothing else mattress.

Weekend. A week’s worth of accumulated sleep. I feel so tired. Not just physically, also mentally. Today was a bad day. Feeling lonely. Feeling lost. Some people think in the loo, some people think with music, I think while riding … Continue reading

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Taweez bana ke pehnoon use aayat ki tarah mil jaaye kahin

‘Chaiyya chaiyya’ was, once upon a time, just another hummable, danceable song. Now it’s a feel-and-sing song for those rainy evenings. I have this habit of picking up a book before every journey. This time when I was at the … Continue reading

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