Laws of attraction

Things I learnt from the movie :-

1. Sincere apology is a perfect manipulative tactic like forgiveness or generosity.

2. Don’t you give me the ‘My socks don’t match so I have an insight into everything analytical’ mindset.

3. If you can touch the horizon, you are near your journey’s end.

4. Don’t get drunk with your someone you don’t like. Not even little.

5. When you love someone, be unselfish enough to give them whatever they want.

6. Guys with ruffled hair, spectacles resting on their nose and reading a newspaper, will always be a sexy sight.

7. I get embarrassed watching even a kissing scene with my parents in the room.

8. How the hell did Pierce Brosnan get to play James Bond?!

And so, the course of corporate bitchiness, cures of watching a romcom and the curse of the conservative Indian brought up.


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You don't know me, you can't judge me.
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2 Responses to Laws of attraction

  1. Mrinalini says:

    ‘Sincere apology is a perfect manipulative tactic’
    yes yes, it is a very true fact.
    and about the drinking, well, it is a life saving advice there, if u know what i mean 😛
    crust of the pizza? really?

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