No one killed Jessica.

We enter the movie hall with nachos in hand. We are going to watch this movie today and forget it by tomorrow. Just like million other movies before this one. We are going to comment on Rani’s voice, Vidya Balan’s acting, marvel at how at least this movie for once depicts a court room like it actually looks in real life. Jessica Lal? Yeah dude, too bad. How very sad.

I don’t mean this in a dramatic way at all. Think about it – it could actually have been your sister. It could have been you.

If only I could start by merely overcoming how ashamed I feel at being so helpless when a random hand in a crowd gropes me and give the maadarchod attached to the hand a thrashing he’d remember, I’d be proud of myself.

P.S. To those of you who do the ‘It’s just a movie yaaar. Don’t get hyped about it.’ routine – Shove it.



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You don't know me, you can't judge me.
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2 Responses to No one killed Jessica.

  1. i have hit someone.. doesn’t change a thing.

    sense of violation is still the same.

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