If there is a Jolene in here, it’s going to be me.

I’m heading to participate in a competition that an old flame and his current interest are judging. The widget on my iGoogle page reads :

“Loving Venus joins your key planet Pluto today, accentuating your deep feelings and bringing hidden desires to the surface. You aren’t interested in simply experiencing the power of emotions; you want to communicate your fears and discuss your attractions, even if they make someone uncomfortable. Don’t back away from your convictions; it’s not your job now to manage how anyone else might react to your truth.”

Usual disclaimers about how I don’t really believe in all this and how I have it out of curiosity and but how most times it is true for me. Thanks iGoogle, makes me feel SO much better about having to spend five days in the vicinity of people I’d rather not see, ever. 😐

I promised my BFF I’d do nothing unless the other girl starts it. Way to act grown up, eh? Yet another friend wants a video if I end up punching her in the face. Pfft. This is why God made friends – to laugh at you.


About :P

You don't know me, you can't judge me.
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