P.S. I love me.

So, the moot came and went. No drama. In spite of being appreciated for the content of what I am speaking, and having received quite high marks on benches for speaking, I’ve always suspected that my speaking skills needed much improvement.

The previous moot I did was a true learning experience. Applied everything I learnt in this moot and boy, was I elated when I was appreciated all around by students and judges for my “poise and eloquence” in speaking. I was like, wow, not bad Anonymous. One Judge even suggested that I stick to litigation and he’d love to see me in Court. Imagine how happy that made me.

And also, I had to moot in front of the girl I mentioned in the last post. It was all very professional, of course. What’s better is that I had a conversation with the old flame and the girl after the competition was over and at a point I suddenly realized that none of it mattered. I was so at ease. It didn’t matter anymore, the old flame didn’t matter any more, the girl didn’t matter any more and that was such a freeing thought that I felt so much happier with myself after that conversation.

If over years this couldn’t touch me, nothing ever will. I can get over anything.

This too shall fucking pass. 🙂


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You don't know me, you can't judge me.
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