Day 1, Singapore

Common Room, Drop Inn

One caught the night flight from Delhi to Singapore. One was super pissed with how much time Air India took to issue one’s boarding pass. Twenty minutes in front of the counter after having waited for over forty minutes in a queue consisting of exactly two people in front of one. One was sad to find that the MoD counter at Terminal 3 has closed down. One enjoyed Dominos pizza after a really long time. One was very excited about being adult enough to be served alcohol on the flight. One does not like Air India’s service but quite likes their food. One does not like Heineken either. One thinks the air hostess on the flight was quite scary and the stewards were quite unkempt (not in the nice way).

One watched this John Abraham movie ‘Jhoota hi sahi’ which was actually quite awesome. Love it except for the songs (the refrain of one of which is ‘Baby don’t cry cry cry, let’s fly fly fly). One then pretended to be asleep for a large part of the flight just to avoid having to talk to lady on the next seat. Lady on the next seat was trying to market some cream called Panderm to one. Apparently it would give one glowing face and fair skin. Apparently it worked on lady’s younger sister. Only taglines like ‘Panderm for Pachyderm skin’ were ricocheting in one’s head.

One and S tried to figure out the metro. Given the luggage, one and S figured it would be easier to take a taxi. Taxi got taken for the ride and it turned out to be quite reasonable actually, contrary to popular opinion and one’s information that taxis in Singapore are dead expensive. Taxi was driven by one very cute Chinese old man with son papdi like hair. It seemed like the beginning of one of those English movies. Sitting in taxi, looking (un)glamorously out of window, strangely foreign yet beautiful music in background. But yes, everything is too clean and neat for one’s liking. Even the trees seem to grow in some sort of order, like they are afraid of being fined if they grow otherwise.

One and S are at the backpackers hostel. Hostel is very colourful. Just how I like it. Check in time is at 1pm. Crashing on one of the beautiful couches. While S has curled up comfortably in a corner, thankful for the many cushy cushions, one is very thankful for the free (free! free!) internet. One and S are planning to crash for a few hours after we get our room. Maybe then, we will get ‘Mission meet the relatives and fulfill familial obligations’ out of the way this evening. One is glad S also has relatives here and both get to have an equal share in the other’s misery. Cheek pinching shall happen tonight.

Awesomeness of the day : Sign in hostel opposite to the couch where I’m curled up reads ‘ Warning : Children left unattended will be sold to the circus’


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