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If I released an album

This would be the cover. Advertisements

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It’s a cold and broken Hallelujah

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No, seriously.

Yeah alright, farewell is supposed to be the best part about leaving College. Yeah alright, afterwards there’s going to be one big thank you party as well where everyone bonds with everyone. Yeah alright, now worrying about attendance, no worries … Continue reading

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Life is good. Not.

“Life is good, Andros,” Georgiou began. “I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I love my work, and we have enough clients. Whenever I have dreamed of setting out on an adventure, my father has … Continue reading

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P : Won’t you miss your room when you leave University? Me : Huh? P : I mean it’s so customized and all that… Me : Yeah, whatever. Greener pastures. Moving on. *pause* P : You are dead inside. I … Continue reading

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The baton passes. And how! (via

Emotions well captured. I’ve rediscovered cricket. Twenty eight. The number of years that have passed since India last won a World Cup. That miracle at Lord’s. Against the greatest side. 183. The impossible defense. Sandhu’s banana ball. His hop after. … Continue reading

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