May the fourth be with you

It’s over. The five long years of arduous wait to get out of here is finally over. It has been a long journey and I am proud of who I am now.

I first landed here and drove past the campus mistaking it for some sort of Government quarters. And when they redirected me back to the place, I almost cried at how desolate it looked. Looking back at the person I was when I came here, I think I would have also wept, cried and gone into depression if you had described the person I would turn out to be at the end of five years. I would have judged who I am today by the idealistic standards I judged people by back then. I was that kid who wanted to love one boy, wanted to be his first love and be with him forever. I was that kid who did not like it when people said ‘fuck’ too often in conversation, let alone do it randomly. I was that kid who hated it when guys addressed me as ‘babe’… I still don’t like it, but I might be inclined to put up with it sometimes. And then, law school happened. I’m glad it did.There is no where else I want to be. There is no one else I want to be. I’m content, just being me.

I have one regret thought. There is no one I can call today and say ‘It’s over’. Don’t mistake me, I have been blessed with the harvest when it comes to friends. I have always held that I might have not had much luck when it came to love, career and the likes. But my sheer luck in finding friends who mean the world to me, wherever I go, is something I take for granted sometimes. But right now, there is no one in my life who has been with me through this journey of five years, completely. Of course, there is T. But she doesn’t need me to call her and say ‘It’s over.’ She just knows every emotion that is going through my head. If you asked her nicely, she might even draw a flowchart and explain to you the course of my thought, that’s how well she knows me.  All the other friends I have today, joined me somewhere along the journey.

I wish I could call someone and say ‘It’s over, I’m coming back now.’


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You don't know me, you can't judge me.
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