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Next thirty

Sometime towards the end of February, I decided that for the next sixty days, I’d do whatever the fuck I wanted to do. It gives me great pleasure to say that it went off brilliantly. There were many new experiences, … Continue reading

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Concrete jungle

There is no changing of seasons in the electric city, and no real darkness/ The street is illuminated all night with orange light and the concrete is like a carpet/ we have dreamed the street as a room and it … Continue reading

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Pickup. NOT.

Are you Medusa? I think I’m hard as stone coz you looked at me.

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Not lost

Somewhere there has to be a world where you are with me where there is me and you and where only your feelings and mine will be Where the morning dawns onto your eyes Where cradled in your arms, I … Continue reading

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May the fourth be with you

It’s over. The five long years of arduous wait to get out of here is finally over. It has been a long journey and I am proud of who I am now. I first landed here and drove past the … Continue reading

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The other voice in my head said

Seek salvation from your complex life through an easygoing relationship. The persistence offers the steadiness that you need, even if you are afraid of being limited by its simplicity. Ultimately, the choice is yours; the key to establishing an enduring … Continue reading

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